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Privacy Every time you visit our website, our webserver does recognize your domain name but not your e-mail address. With every visit to our website, we save: Your e-mail address when you communicate this to us The domain names of other websites which you used to visit our website All information in regarding to the webpages you visit on our website All information you provided to us voluntarily (for example research information and or/ site registration) This information will be used to contact you later for marketing purposes Collected personal data will not be sold or will be made available to third parties. Exceptions can occur only when these data are legally required. And at any moment you can request to remove your data out of our files.

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The owner of the copyrights of this website is www.omoda.com or is owned by third parties which have given permission to www.omoda.com to use this information. Multiplication, duplication or reproduction in whatever form is only allowed after preceding permission of www.omoda.com. Currency All prizes on www.omoda.com are in Euros. You also pay your order in Euros. You can choose to show prizes in other currencies too. To convert the price from Euro into another currency, we make use of the daily currency exchange rate. Every day, at 00:01 AM (CET), we import the current currency exchange rates from the European Central Bank, which we use that day to convert the prices from Euro into another currency. Therefore, the different currencies are very accurate, although it is possible prices in your own currency on Omoda.com are not 100% secure. To be very sure what the price in your own currency is, we recommend you to make use of the most current exchange rates yourself.