History Omoda

Omoda is a Dutch family business and is managed by the brothers Lourus and Wilhelm Verton. They have taken over the company from their father, Lourus-Jan Verton. Their deep-rooted passion for shoes did not just arise, but points back to a rich family history. The great-grandfather of the current owners was already registered in 1876 as a shoemaker in the village Burgh, Zeeland.

The passion for shoes was passed on from generation to generation and is still a major driving force behind Omoda. In the year 1961, the first shoe store was opened in Zierikzee by Mr. Lourus-Jan Verton. In honor of this, the store has been completely rebuilt and has a trendy interior according to the Omoda style.
On one of the walls is a wall painting, on which the history of Omoda is illustrated by means of old photographs. The father of the current owners, Lourus-Jan Verton, opened a shoe store in Zierikzee under the name Verton Shoes in 1961. This store was soon known in the vicinity for its leading way of presenting and the large collection of brand shoes. In the year 1987, a second store was opened in Middelharnis and son Lourus was being initiated into the organization.

The organization grew rapidly, as also in Vlissingen (1992) and Middelburg (1993) stores were opened. In 1994, son Wilhelm also entered the organization and a year later a store in Goes was opened. In 1998, the second store outside the province Zeeland was opened, in Hellevoetsluis. Soon a third store followed in Ridderkerk.

After a lot of thinking, brainstorming and consultation, a unique concept is launched in the year 2000. Omoda makes an entry into the shoe market with a catchy name and a recognizable logo. This name was chosen because it directly refers to what the organization stands for: offering a large collection of shoes to the latest fashion trends. As from 2013, all stores are transformed into the Omoda style, with a luxurious and sleek look. The shoes are presented in a spacious set-up, making shopping for the customer easier and the latest trends are immediately recognizable. The purchasing teams are also increasingly focused on the latest developments in fashion and regularly visit fashion events. After the launch of Omoda, several stores have been opened in the southwest of the Netherlands. Also in Bergen op Zoom, Roosendaal, Dordrecht, Gouda, Terneuzen and Breda it is now possible to shop at Omoda. In 2007,

Omoda accepted a new challenge: the web shop www.omoda.nl. From that moment on, the large collection of shoes can also be ordered online. The Omoda style has also been implemented on the web shop and the aim is to offer the best service to the customer. Therefore, the customer service is accessible every day and always listens to all your questions, remarks or complaints. In 2008, we started with a web shop in Belgium and in 2010 with a web shop in Germany. In 2012, the web shop in France is added to the existing online shops. In 2013, the construction of a distribution center and the headquarters in Zierikzee started. In February 2014, the new buildings have been put into use. In addition, the first international store is opened in the fashion capital of Belgium, Antwerp and the Austrian web shop goes online. In the year 2015, Omoda will deliver worldwide with the launch of Omoda.com.