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Are you totally ready for sunny times? You have to have at least one pair of flip flops from great design in your shoe closet. From diverse top brands as Birkenstock and Havaianas are items present. Trendy open shoes for the whole family. 


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Flip flops for everyone

Flip flops are easy to take on and off and are multi-functional. You can walk to the shower, into the garden, the pool or wear them to the city when you go shopping. They protect your feet and let them breathe. Some flip flops are purely casual and practical, but some are luxurious from great materials and design. Mostly with reputable top brands like Michael Kors, you will find examples with a luxurious look. Discover the colourful models here at Omoda. These designs have a rubber sole and rubber, leather or textile straps or gasps. You can easily slide your feet in the flip flops and you’re ready to walk away. Also for the youngsters we have up-to-date flip flops in neon colours and a stable sole. Chose a nice pair of flip flops at Omoda for the whole family, because we offer a lot of choice for women and men, but also for boys and girls.