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A bag that’s always going with you wherever you go is a good companion and matches your personal style. Are you still looking for one? Take your time to discover our collection of shoulder bags. Wearing comfort and very pleasant to the eye: it’s all yours!


How good does it feel to be a woman! Imagine, you’d be a man and have to put everything in your pockets all the time because it doesn’t look cool enough to carry a bag. Shoulder bags for women are super handy and really cool. You can put everything in it, from your tablet, a phone, your (business)cards. Carry the shoulder bag careless over your shoulder and you’re ready to go. Funny enough, it’s mostly men that design the prettiest shoulder bags. Take a look around in the collection from Fred de la Bretoniere. He made shoulder bags so big that even your laptop fits in. How convenient is that? And of course there will be enough space for your super necessary hairbrush, deodorant, perfume and lipstick. This brand also has smaller, chic shoulder bags with animal print for example. This is an easy way to upgrade your outfit to a party look. You can effortlessly carry your shoulder bag when you’re on the dancefloor. When wearing this kind of bag, beware of your clothing. Don’t make these too eye catching, or the attention for your luxurious accessory will fade. Wear an all-black outfit once, with a shoulder bag with python print. High heels on – top notch!