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Nowadays, everybody is familiar with sporty white Adidas sneakers and they became an all-time favourite. Let me tell you, Adidas not only has white sneakers in its collection. Do you dare to read on? Be prepared.. This trend causes heavy shopping needs.

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Are you choosing clean white sneakers or are you a fan of colour? Sneakers in a bright colour, sneakers with prints, sneakers with metallic details, laces or Velcro, Adidas has it all.

Are you only matching your sportive sneakers with a sporty outfit? Let me tell you, it’s not necessary. Sneakers are super cool beneath a dress or a skirt. This makes a surprisingly contrast in your look. Or what did you think of a suit with sneakers? Totally on-trend!

A real trend this season are shoes with lots of colour and cool prints. Luckily, Adidas totally gets this trend and has a collection full of cool prints in the nicest colours of the rainbow. With a pair like this you’re ready for spring.

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