Black Sneakers

Next season you can hide your white sneakers, because we change our favourite ones into black sneakers.

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Last year, the white sneaker was the must-have for everyone. Nothing weird, because they are very comfortable and easy peasy to combine. We wore them sporty with a skinny jeans, cool with a jumpsuit and womanly with a cute dress or skirt. The conclusion: the sneaker is an all-rounder!

But no worries, the sneaker-trend will stay. This time not the white ones, but the black Are becoming our favourite. And this one is just as comfortable and easy to combine. That’s good to hear, insn’t it? Even if you choose a high, low, basic or outrageous model, black shoes are always a good idea.

Remember: black is the new white. Shop your favourite ones in the online shop.

Shop the trend here
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