Denim & Blue

It’s all about blue this spring and summer. From Tom Ford to Gucci, we see blue on every catwalk . The more blue, the better!


There is nothing wrong about a totally blue outfit this season. We saw this trend last season as well, when we combined blue outfits with blue shoes too. There is a slight difference compared to last season though: combine blue with denim! A big advantage of this trend is that you can use the colour blue in different ways, both with informal outfits as formal outfits. Especially with a casual outfit, there is a lot you can do for a nice twist in your outfit.

Denim is hot and you can see it in jackets, shirts, blouses and of course in jeans. No bleeched, but dark blue or very light blue. You also see the colour of denim in a lot of shoes. From blue lace up shoes to denim sneakers. Whether you choose casual, sporty or classic, it’sll about blue and denim this season.

How to combine blue and denim in the best way? Match a dark blue jeans with a white shirt, cobalt blue blazer and a light blue lace up shoe. Are you a daredevil? Choose for double denim and combine a denim short or spiker jacket with a jeans and a denim sneaker. Do you want to go for chic? Combine a dark blue or cobalt blue suite with a light blue lace up shoe. Invest in denim and blue this season and you are totally on-trend!

Happy shopping!

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