This fall you’re going for minimal with a sneaker in clean white, tight ankle boots with block heel or black androgenic lace-ups or loafers.

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Next to ‘more is more’ on the catwalk will also ‘less is more’ become a big trend. This last one is the so called ‘Minimalism’. Minimalism: colours can go back in to your closet for a while. Black, white and grey are the leading part within this trend.

Clean lines and shapes are an important feature with minimalism. Choose for example black lace-ups, white sneakers, a black pump or a tight black ankle boot with block heel.

Another important element in this style is sport. Think trousers, blazers and sneakers. In this way you not only make contrast when it comes to colour, but also a difference between feminine vs. masculine and sporty vs. chic – and that’s exactly what makes this style strong and wearable.

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