Must-try taupe

Feminine, classy, chic and trendy. Taupe is a colour to wear every season. Shoes, bags and accessories are a real must-try.

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Must-try taupe

This season, the taupe trend comes back in different fashion scenes and our favourite is, of course, the amazing shoes. This shade gives your look a relaxed feel and adds some extra class. By combining taupe with colours as black, white, denim and gold, you’re able to create a modern look which is super fashionable at the same time.

At first sight this colour might not be the most seductive one you can think of, but wait until the moment you’re wearing it. This colour brings up a very classy version of yourself and also matches with different skin tones. In this way it is a true ‘through-the-seasons’ colour.

An all taupe outfit a little too much for you? Choose to go for accessories in this colour. By wearing multiple small bracelets together you will create a special look. Are you wearing a taupe bag everywhere you go? Try to match your wallet with this shade.

Taupe is the right colour for chic. High heels will give you just that little bit of extra self-confidence and this will reflect in your presence. Are you going to work, a date or a party? Combine these heels with a pretty dress in the same shade. At night you can wear this with a fine jacket on top and finish it with some extra jewellery. ‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.’

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