New York already knows it for a while, wearing yellow makes you a real eye catcher. Yellow cabs in the city that never sleeps to the runways from Ralph Lauren, Acne and Burberry Prorsum. This season yellow can’t be bright enough.

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Not so mellow yellow

Real fashionista’s are well served this season. To brighten up everybody’s mood with your clothes, who doesn’t want to do that? With the not so mellow yellow trend the key ingredient is simplicity. Often, these items are already minimalistic, which makes combining easier. In this way, it’s fun for everyone to wear.

Yellow comes back in different styles. Are your more in favour of a gentle and mellow feeling? Then it’s a good choice to go for lighter materials like a linen blouse. You can also go for only an accessory or a shoe in this colour, to not have too much going on in your outfit.

For a perfect pop of colour you choose yellow accessories. Bold, but you can combine these in the right way to match the rest of your outfit in soft pastel colours. A bag, sunglasses or a statement necklace are items that give your look an extra ray of sunshine.

If you’re really going for a pop, then you should combine yellow with black or white. On less sunny days you wear a yellow dress or pants combined with a black leather jacket. And if the weather lets us, then you go for a yellow midi skirt with for example a floral printed blouse and you’re ready for summer. So brighten up, buttercup!

Happy yellow shopping!

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