Sporty chic

Sport is here to stay, so embrace that trend. Wear sneakers with a dress or a skirt, it’s the perfect match.

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Sporty is the current trend, cool and edgy! Last season the sporty trend appeared, now almost a year later and Sporty Chic is hotter than ever.

Currently, Sporty Chic is a trend that can be seen everywhere. From the catwalks to blogs, fashion magazines, you name it. And this we like, a trend which is not asking for high, high heels. Just comfortable and classy, count us in!

Wearing heels in the rain is never a good idea, that’s why sneakers are a must for autumn. We are – together with millions of other people – totally digging sneakers and we can’t imagine a day without them.

Street style fashionista’s wear trainers for example with an ankle length skirt, another must have item this fall. This provides a sporty twist. A dress, neat suit, jeans or edgy leather skirt are perfect matches for sneakers as well.

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