Summer Neutrals

Never before, we saw so many items and complete outfits in these new IT-tints.

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Summer Neutrals

Neutrals, very basic tints like off-white, beige and brown, are the new standard and stands for stylish and innovative. According to designers and fashion icons, we have to fill up our wardrobe this spring and summer with these summer neutrals.

Neutrals give you a modern, uptown look which can be described as very stylish. In the shoe collection, pumps are by far the must-haves when we talk about neutrals. Besides pumps, also plenty of wedges, sandals, boots, slip-ons and sneakers are available in these basic tints.

Neutral is a minimalistic style with neutral tints without print, often combined with colours in the same shade. Of course, you can combine neutral shoes with a jeans or black clothes, but the real neutral clothing style consist out of clothes in these minimalistic tints and basics.

Besides nude coloured shoes, we also see many bags and accessories in this tint. A nude coloured bag is a really good investment, especially because it is so easy to combine. Go for a practical shopper for work. These kind of bags are the ideal summer replacement for your black bag. At night, you go out with your nude coloured clutch or handbag. So in short, choose for neutrals this summer and you are ready for the season. Definitely a good addition for your wardrobe!

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