This season masculine clothing items are everywhere. Let the manly part of you arise with oversized blazers, those just too big kind of pants, a men’s blouse and the men’s shoes for women.

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The masculine look

After a few seasons the masculine trend seems to reach a climax and we love it! Don’t get me wrong, pumps, dresses and skirts are fantastic but when there is some extra comfort involved i’m fan. Borrowed-from-the-boys does not directly mean that we’re not able to look feminine or sexy. The opposite is possible: boyish is the new girly!

Men’s shoes for women it is. Oxfords, monks, loafers, brogues and more. New materials and remodelling is used to give the shoe a ladylike appearance. Extra pointy or higher heels for example.

The sexiest way to wear men’s shoes is with bare legs. It’s not a coincidence, wearing men’s shoes with a skirt or a dress is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. Detailed, lace-ups with a chic dress will give you a polished look. Without sore feet at the end of the day. Winning!

Totally stylish is the androgynous look with e.g. a white blouse, oversized blazer and a pair of oxfords. Mini dresses look their best with brogues, long necklaces and oversized cardigans. Might be a bit cliché, but when in doubt: wear black. Men’s shoes are giving a playful contrast and that little bit of extra je-ne-sais-quoi. Simple shiny shoes are the basic ingredient for a preppy outfit. Hurry up and make some room in your clothing closet, the masculine trend is coming your way.

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