Wintery cognac

Some classics will never go out of style. I’m talking about the colour cognac. Finish your look and choose the colour cognac.

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Colours in the winter change as fast as wintery weather. Cognac is a colour with leading role here within this trend. This shade of brown is and will be a classic one that fits many styles.

Combine this warm colour with other earth tones such as wine red, orange and shades of green.

The seventies are back and we’re loving it. This trend is easy to combine with the colour cognac. Choose to wear dark denim jeans and a suede blouse with cognac coloured shoes. Or go for a suede skirt with a turtle neck and a pretty ankle boot with block heel.

Fashion houses as Gucci go for a total cognac look, but we take it a little slower. For a classy style cognac is the perfect colour. Combine this colour with white or off-white items. Keep your outfit calm with darker jeans and a red turtle neck. Combine this look with chelsea boots in cognac and voila, you’re ready to go.

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